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Getting someone through divorce can be emotionally rewarding, but for too many it’s not as financially rewarding as it should be. There is a way you can build a business you love and generate great profits at the same time.

Divorce is often a one time life event with limited opportunity for recurring revenue and customers who may have financial, parental, ownership, relationship and emotional distractions create a challenging environment for any business serving this $28 billion industry ( But if you don’t learn how to turn your passion and mission into a viable growing business then at some stage your energy will fade and so will your business. And that means more people struggling to get through divorce.

Marketing 4 Divorce is designed for all business that serves those going through divorce. We can accelerate the growth of your business not just so you can make more profit, but that you can serve more who need your help.

Social Media 4 Divorce

Social Media

Social media is particularly important for those that serve people going through divorce as people often turn online first in search for support, services, and solutions.

Use a three pronged approach to social media.

Can you double a 6 year old divorce business in 6 months?

Divorce business case-study…

This 3 min video goes through the critical steps that were taken to radically accelerate the growth of this divorce business.

So that you can do the same…

Is blogging for business dead?

Google got smarter, and blogging got harder…

Done poorly a blog offers little or no commercial benefit to your business. But if you follow these four steps you will create a blog that provides an ever-green marketing asset to your business that will reach a new and appropriate audience.

Did you know?

$ 1 k
Average cost of divorce

Data: Forbes

$ 1 B
$28 Billion Industry

Data: Forbes

Peak Months per year

Data: American Sociological Association

1 %
Women initiate divorce

Data: American Sociological Association

1 %
Men fall into poverty


- 1 %
Women household income fall


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We work with all businesses that serve those going through divorce, including…

Divorce topic - Financial
Divorce topic - Legal
Divorce topic - Emotional
Divorce Topic - Social
Divorce Topic - Parental
Divorce Topics - More
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